September 2021 Mississippi Fair Himalayan Results

Name Owner Placing
Black Junior Bucks
TR55.58HMBB Removed Best of Opposite Sex [40]
TR54.23HMBB Removed 2nd [20]
TR53.73HMBB Removed 3rd [15]
TR53.46HMBB Removed 4th [10]
TR53.41FGBB Removed 5th [5]
Black Junior Does
TR54.53HMBD Removed 1st [24]
TR54.04HMBD Removed 2nd [16]
TR53.88HMBD Removed 3rd [12]
TR53.73HMBD Removed 4th [8]
Black Senior Bucks
TR54.73HMBB Removed 1st [18]
TR53.64HMBB Removed 2nd [12]
TR53.45HMBB Removed 3rd [9]
Black Senior Does
TR54.75HMBD Removed 1st [18]
TR54.21HMBD Removed 2nd [12]
TR54.19HMBD Removed 3rd [9]
Blue Junior Bucks
TR54.56HMBLUB Removed 1st [30]
TR54.34HMBLUB Removed 2nd [20]
TR54.14HMBLUB Removed 3rd [15]
TR54.14aHMBLUB Removed 4th [10]
TR54.10HMBLUB Removed 5th [5]
Blue Junior Does
TR55.31HMBLUD Removed 1st [30]
TR55.00HMBLUD Removed 2nd [20]
TR54.24HMBLUD Removed 3rd [15]
TR54.22HMBLUD Removed 4th [10]
TR54.06HMBLUD Removed 5th [5]
Blue Senior Bucks
TR54.83HBLUB Removed 1st [18]
TR54.36HBLUB Removed 2nd [12]
TR54.15HMBLUB Removed 3rd [9]
Blue Senior Does
TR54.14HBLUD Removed 1st [12]
TR54.08HBLUD Removed 2nd [8]
Chocolate Junior Bucks
TR55.44HMCHOCB Removed 1st [30]
TR54.84aHMCHOCB Removed 2nd [20]
TR54.53HMCHOCB Removed 3rd [15]
TR54.40HMCHOCB Removed 4th [10]
TR54.22HMCHOCB Removed 5th [5]
Chocolate Junior Does
TR56.67HMCHOCD popandbob Best of Breed [68]
TR54.92HMCHOCD Removed 2nd [32]
TR54.82HMCHOCD Removed 3rd [24]
TR54.54HMCHOCD Removed 4th [16]
TR54.55HMCHOCD Removed 5th [8]
TR54.48HMCHOCD Removed 6th
TR54.33HMCHOCD Removed 7th
TR54.27HMCHOCD Removed 8th
Chocolate Senior Bucks
TR54.84HMCHOCB Removed 1st [6]
Chocolate Senior Does
TR54.30HMCHOCD Removed 1st [6]
WW Mystify 78 Removed 1st [6]
Lilac Junior Bucks
TR55.19HLB Removed 1st [48]
TR55.11HMLB Removed 2nd [32]
TR55.08HMLB Removed 3rd [24]
TR55.06HLB Removed 4th [16]
TR54.99HMLB Removed 5th [8]
TR54.95HMLB Removed 6th
TR54.94HLB Removed 7th
TR54.93HMLB Removed 8th
Lilac Junior Does
TR55.91HMLD Removed 1st [12]
TR55.09HMLD Removed 2nd [8]
Lilac Senior Bucks
TR54.96HLB Removed 1st [12]
TR54.95HLB Removed 2nd [8]
Lilac Senior Does
TR55.22HLD Removed 1st [12]
TR55.06HLD Removed 2nd [8]

Best in Show

Name: TR137.03HQMD
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Magpie/Magpie

Reserve Best in Show

Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: New Zealand/Ruby-Eyed White/White
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. TR Rabbits - 16,918
  2. Rabbit Rabbit - 1,727
  3. stubbs - 228
  4. Six Gun - 113
  5. popandbob - 79