August 2018 Montana Fair Florida White Results

Name Owner Placing
Florida White
FLORIDA WHITE B 917047-6/10/17 Removed 1st
FLORIDA WHITE B 917049-6/10/17 Removed 2nd [9]
FLOR WHITE B 1000147-9/27/17 Removed 3rd [18]
Rabbit #1000150 Removed 4th [27]
Rabbit #1000151 Removed 5th [36]
flor white b 1018561-10/22/17 Removed 6th [54]
flor white b 1018562-10/22/17 Removed 7th
Rabbit #1018564 Removed 8th
FLOR WHITE B 1018731-10/22/17 Removed 9th
Florida White Senior Bucks
HAL Snowman 42.29 Removed Best of Opposite Sex [46] [L]
HAL Buck N Run Bob 42.25 Removed 2nd [24]
HAL Snow On The Ridge 42.23 Removed 3rd [18]
HAL Charlie Man 42.18 Removed 4th [12]
HAL Frosted Run 42.16 Removed 5th [6]
39.64B H3B FW 61g/49h/51h Bam Rabbits 6th
Florida White Senior Does
HAL Chaos No Go 42.47 Removed Best of Breed [50] [L]
HAL Snow Goose 42.39 Removed 2nd [20]
HAL Jane In Snow 42.27 Removed 3rd [15]
HAL Ice On The Shore 42.20 Removed 4th [10]
HAL Snow On Snow 42.18 Removed 5th [5]

Best in Show

Name: 206.83B H3B F62e 391.4
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Name: 123.22D H3B HIMI 184a/259b
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Rex/Himalayan/Californian
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