Aggregate Traits

Each individual rabbit breed has a "Point Scale" of traits that are significant to that breed.  The point scale for each breed can be located by clicking "Breeds" in the lower left menu and then looking at the column on the far right.

Consequently, each rabbit's information page will include the rabbit's "Aggregate Traits."  The first is the "General" which is an average of all traits.  The second is the "User SOP" which is a weighted average, giving more weight to the breed traits specific to that breed's point scale.  For example, if you have a fur breed, your point scale will indicate greater importance given to the quality of fur, therefore a high number on a particular animal in the fur category will result in a higher SOP.

The higher either aggregate, the better, for determining the quality of an animal.

Last Updated: 7/23/2014 9:55:56 AM