Rule Breaker Rabbitry

Grand Champions I've bred to date.

GC RBR*s Sv D Blk Raisin
GC RBR*s SV D Fawn-Runway
GC RBR*s Sv D Blk Risa
GC RBR*s Mad Max Rises
GC RBR*s The Good The Bad
GC RBR*s Wowza
GC RBR*s Sv D Brwn Minolo
GC RBR*s Sv D Brwn-Vinella
GC RBR*s Bold
GC RBR*s Tommy
GC RBR*s Risky Joint Tonight
GC RBR*s Sv D Fawn 958
GC RBR*s SV D Fawn-Runway
GC RBR*s Creeping Along
GC RBR*s Look About
GC RBR*s The Good Witch
GC RBR*s Dark Matter
GC RBR*s Sary Lee
GC RBR*s Risky Motive
GC RBR*s Lost Files
GC RBR*s Value Airs
GC RBR*s/GRF Joint Venture
GC RBR*s Risky Venture
GC RBR*s Aminite
GC RBR*s Bayou Girl
GC RBR*s Silver Bayou Guy
GC RBR*s Break The Bank
GC RBR*s 13th Queen
GC RBR*s Its Me Again
GC RBR*s Secret Regret
GC RBR*s SV B Brwn 39.58-Dash
GC RBR*s Look About
GC RBR*s SV D Brwn-Top Model
GC RBR*s Silent Sunday
GC RBR*s SV D Fawn-Della

French Lops:
GC RBR*s FL B Sld-Futility
GC RBR*s FL B Sld-Trapper
GC RBR*s FL D Sld-Convoy
GC RBR*s FL D Sld-Final Fantasy
RBR*s FL D Sld 43.21-Fessup

English Lops:
GC RBR*s EL D Brk-Miranmar
GC RBR*s EL D Sld-Vania
GC RBR*s EL B Brk-Zip
GC RBR*s FL B Brk-Xanatho
GC RBR*s EL D Sld-Terlingua
GC RBR*s EL B Brk-Zero
GC RBR*s EL B Brk-Hmmmm
GC RBR*s EL D Sld-Lynxia

Rabbits I have Granded

GC LoupGarou Better Climate
GC LoupGarou Bayou Matters

French Lops:

English Lops:

Silver Fox:

New Zealand:
GC NZ D Red-874


#1 Silver breeder in game.

Breeder of the current high SOP Silver.

I always have stock for sale/trade/give away.

I would like to thank LoupGarou for the buck that was the foundation of my Silver herd.

He was also my very first Grand Champion in the game.

GC LoupGarou Bayou Matters

I would like to thank Klassik as well for the French Lop doe that created my herd.

I would like to thank Glenrock, we have traded so many good Silvers back and forth.

All Rabbits

Name Breed Sex Color
English Angoras
RBR*s EA B-552 EA B Chinchilla
RBR*s EA B-559 EA B Lilac
RBR*s EA B-565 EA B Lilac Tortoiseshell
RBR*s EA D-553 EA D Chestnut
RBR*s EA D-558 EA D Lilac Tortoiseshell
RBR*s EA D-562 EA D Lilac Tortoiseshell
English Lops
RBR*s EL B-368 EL B Black
RBR*s EL B-416 EL B Lilac
RBR*s EL B-ReTurn EL B Black
RBR*s EL D-363 ReRun EL D Chestnut
RBR*s EL D-369 EL D Chocolate
RBR*s EL D-381 EL D Black
GC RBR*s EL D-451 EL D Broken Black
French Angora
RBR*s FA B-977 FA B Lilac Himalayan
RBR*s FA B-978 FA B Lilac
RBR*s FA B-980 FA D Lilac
RBR*s FA D-999 FA D Opal
French Lops
RBR*s FL B-519 FL B Chocolate Tortoiseshell
RBR*s FL B-619 FL B Broken Lilac Tortoiseshell
RBR*s FL D-385 FL D Broken Blue Tortoiseshell
RBR*s FL D-503 FL D Lilac Tortoiseshell
Giant Angora
RBR*s GA B-566 GA B Ruby-Eyed White
RBR*s GA B-572 GA B Ruby-Eyed White
RBR*s GA B-579 GA B Ruby-Eyed White
RBR*s GA D-574 GA D Ruby-Eyed White
RBR*s GA D-578 GA D Ruby-Eyed White
RBR*s GA D-582 GA D Ruby-Eyed White
New Rabbits
BP D BLK OTTER 1190449 CR/DR BP D Black Otter
coins GC MSR Texas Arrangement 62.3 BP D Black Otter
RBR*s BP B-385 BP B Black Otter
RBR*s BP B-861 BP B Black Otter
Satin Angoras
RBR*s SA B-536 SA B Chocolate
RBR*s SA B-546 SA B Chestnut
RBR*s SA B-548 SA B Blue Tortoiseshell
RBR*s SA D-540 SA D Black
RBR*s SA D-541 SA D Seal
RBR*s SA D-550 SA D Opal
RBR*s SV B-283 SL B Silvered Black
RBR*s SV B-702 SL B Silvered Black
RBR*s SV D-275 SL D Silvered Black
RBR*s SV D-562 SL D Silvered Black
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