Hello! My name is Fireside and I plan on raising Holland Lops, and Netherland Dwarves, I may raise more breeds in the future, but not right now. My brand is F (for Fireside, then the first letter of the rabbit's breed). Ex Fireside Lops= FL, Fireside Netherlands= FN

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Name Breed Sex Color
Fireside Lops
Rabbit #908679 ND B Blue-Eyed White
FL Bobo HL B Charlie Tri-Colored Black
Lotsa Lops Imperial Body 45.56 HL D Blue
GC Lotsa Lops Neat Luna HL D Broken Black
Lotsa Lops Storm Front 45.59 HL B Broken Black
coins rcr gracen HL B Blue
Fireside NDs
FN Flower ND D Blue Himalayan
coins FN Speed ND B Charlie Lynx [VM]
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Signed Up: 5/29/2017
Last Active: 6 years ago
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