Hi there!

Here at CrimsCreek, you'll find quality rabbits! NT = Non Tortie.

Focusing on Holland Lops, specializing in broken and solid tortie colors.

If you see a rabbit you're interested in, message me. Studs are available for breeding at low prices -2 to 5 coins.

All Rabbits

Name Breed Sex Color
CC PO 3953D Candela PO D Black
CC PO 3962D Connie PO D Black
CC PO 3696D Apollina PO D Broken Chocolate
PO CH Buck
CC PO 3560B Jasper PO B Chocolate
CC PO 3577B Jonah PO B Chocolate
CC PO 3892B Connor PO B Chocolate
CC PO 3647D Athena PO D Chocolate
CC PO 3987D Cathy PO D Chocolate
Polish Body 60.0-65.5
CC PO 4030B Gazooki PO B Broken Blue
CC PO 4061D Gigi PO D Broken Blue
Polish Color 55.0-65.5
CC PO 3945D Morgan PO D Black
Polish Ears 56.0-65.0
CC PO 3948B Murphy PO B Black
Polish Eyes 55.0-65.5
CC PO 3961B Utopia PO B Charlie Chocolate
CC PO 3964D Maple PO D Black
CC PO 3966D Mabel PO D Black
CC PO 3977D Hannah PO D Chocolate
Polish Feet 55.5-60.5
CC PO 3888D Annaleigh PO D Chocolate
Polish Fur/Wool 55.0-65.5
CC PO 4024B Dakota PO B Silvered Black
CC PO 4051D Victoria PO D Broken Black
Polish Head 65.1 - 75.5
CC PO 4015D Patty PO D Dutch Blue
CC PO 4030B Hooper PO B Broken Chocolate
CC PO 4035D Kiva PO D Chocolate
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