November 2014 Michigan Fair Palomino Results

Name Owner Placing
Golden Pre-Junior Bucks
LoupGarou Bun With No Name Removed 1st [6]
Golden Pre-Junior Does
Rabbit #208942 Removed 1st [6]
Golden Intermediate Bucks
Ragnaroks Quarter Pounder Removed 1st [12]
Ragnaroks Jakob Ragnarok Rabbitry 2nd [8]
Golden Intermediate Does
Ragnaroks Just Dandy Removed Best of Opposite Sex [34] [L]
Ragnaroks French Fry Removed 2nd [16]
Ragnaroks Golden Vase Removed 3rd [12]
PRRPAL GG8D 38.59/55.80 Removed 4th [8]
Golden Junior Bucks
PRRPAL GG8B 39.21/56.53 Removed 1st [18]
Ragnaroks Time Warp Removed 2nd [12]
Rabbit #200828 Removed 3rd [9]
Golden Junior Does
PRRPAL GG8D 39.04/56.38 Removed 1st [12]
Ragnaroks Blue Bunny Removed 2nd [8]
Golden Senior Bucks
Ragnaroks Golden Globe Removed 1st [30] [L]
PRRPAL GG7B 38.68/55.90 Removed 2nd [20]
PPRPAL GG7B 38.66/55.76 Removed 3rd [15]
PRRPAL GG6B 38.59/55.84 Removed 4th [10]
LF PL B Bud Light 55.14/37,76 Removed 5th [5]
Golden Senior Does
PRRPAL GG6D 38.63/55.80 RDbunnies 1st [30] [L]
PRRPAL GG7D 38.61/55.88 Removed 2nd [20]
PRRPAL GG7D 38.61/55.98 Removed 3rd [15]
LF PL D Little Fawn 0101 Removed 4th [10]
LF PL D Mad Dog 20 20 37.65 Removed 5th [5]
Lynx Pre-Junior Bucks
Ragnaroks Panther Ragnarok Rabbitry 1st [6]
Lynx Junior Bucks
Ragnaroks Bobcat Removed Best of Breed [32] [L]
Ragnaroks Lucas Lynx Removed 2nd [8]
Lynx Junior Does
Ragnaroks Pretty Little Lynx Removed 1st [42]
Ragnaroks Cougar Removed 2nd [28]
Ragnaroks Lucky Lynx Removed 3rd [21]
Ragnaroks Solar Lynx Removed 4th [14]
Ragnaroks Lynx Removed 5th [7]
Ragnaroks Leopard Ragnarok Rabbitry 6th
Ragnaroks Lioness Removed 7th
Lynx Senior Does
PRRPAL LG7D 38.59/55.68 Removed 1st [18]
PRRPAL LG7D 38.58/55.87 Removed 2nd [12]
Ragnaroks Luna Lynx Removed 3rd [9]

Best in Show

Name: Lakolas Source 1 65.6
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Magpie/Magpie

Reserve Best in Show

Name: Nutwist Silvered
Owner: NuTwist Bunnies
Breed/Color/Variety: Satin/Broken Black/Broken
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Single Stack Hutch

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