May 2016 Kansas Fair Mini Lop Results

Name Owner Placing
Klassik CJF Blue Lights 45.84 Removed 1st [36]
Klassik Bright Blue 45.52 Removed 2nd [24]
Klassik Hunt For Gold 44.65 Removed 3rd [18]
Klassik Gold Bitz 44.39 Removed 4th [12]
Klassik Beterella 42.59 Removed 5th [6]
Klassik No Bets 42.21 Removed 6th
Broken Senior Bucks
Klassik Polished Act 49.72 Klassik 1st [18]
Klassik Mr Tippy 49.12 Klassik 2nd [12]
Klassik Trufflez 45.56 Removed 3rd [9]
Broken Senior Does
Klassik Black Tips 49.78 Klassik 1st [36]
Klassik Bright Patches 48.97 Klassik 2nd [24]
Klassik Colour Mix 46.88 Klassik 3rd [18]
Klassik All Lit Up 45.87 Klassik 4th [12]
Klassik Blue Gold 45.73 Removed 5th [6]
Klassik Tortie Temptress 45.47 Removed 6th
Klassik Bet Now 43.21 Removed 1st [30]
Klassik Maybellaz 43.09 Removed 2nd [20]
Klassik Krystelle 42.80 Removed 3rd [15]
Klassik Blu On Blu 42.40 Removed 4th [10]
Klassik All Bets Off 42.31 Removed 5th [5]
Solid Junior Bucks
CJF B ML Blue Body Removed Best of Breed [92] [L]
CJF D ML Blue Sides Removed 2nd [48]
CJF B ML Bright Levels Removed 3rd [36]
Chocolate Turtle Winstala 4th
Lilacio Winstala 10th
Bright Bello Winstala DNP [12]
Lilac Change Winstala DNP [24]
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Winstala 9th
Chocolate Breeze Winstala 5th
Bright Lilac Winstala 6th
Lilac Charge Winstala 7th
Lilucas Winstala 8th
Solid Junior Does
CJF D ML Flowers Shine Removed Best of Opposite Sex [94] [L]
CJF D ML Blue Lilacs Removed 2nd [56]
CJF D ML Black Roses Removed 3rd [42]
CJF D ML Note Trades Removed 4th [28]
Chocolate Pudding Winstala 6th
Blackberry Muffin Winstala 7th
Snowstorm Winstala DNP
Chocolate Icing Winstala DNP
Chocolate Batter Winstala DNP
Lilaanna Winstala DNP
Chocolat Noir Winstala 8th
Snowboarding Winstala 9th
Snowcone Winstala 10th
Blueberry Starlight Winstala 5th [14]
Solid Senior Bucks
CJF B ML Level Twice Removed 1st [150]
CJF B ML Lilac Bright Removed 2nd [100]
CJF B ML Bright Twice Removed 3rd [75]
CJF B ML Bright Trade Removed 4th [50]
Klassik GR Dark Waters 49.28 Klassik 5th [25]
Klassik GR Bright Buoy 49.27 Klassik 6th
Klassik GR Niagra 49.01 Klassik 7th
Klassik GR Slow Falls 48.98 Removed 8th
Klassik GR No Falls 48.71 Removed 9th
Klassik GR No Risk 48.65 Removed 10th
Klassik GR Silversmith 48.53 Removed DNP
Klassik GR Blak Top 48.26 Removed DNP
Klassik Tortielicious 47.02 Removed DNP
Klassik Blue No Red 46.89 Removed DNP
Klassik Blu Lite 49.48 Removed DNP
Klassik Choco Orange 46.11 Klassik DNP
Klassik Bronco 46.03 Removed DNP
Klassik Tortie Puzzle 45.97 Removed DNP
Klassik Bashful 45.89 Removed DNP
Klassik Tomni Tortie 45.40 Removed DNP
Klassik Blackberry Ice 45.39 Removed DNP
Klassik Tapfer 45.33 Removed DNP
Klassik Lilac Larrie 44.59 Removed DNP
Klassik Tipped Blue 44.18 Removed DNP
Klassik Orange Squash 44.14 Removed DNP
Solid Senior Does
CJF D ML Baltic Trade Removed 1st [138]
CJF D ML Lilac Levels Removed 2nd [92]
CJF D ML Tort Trails Removed 3rd [69]
CJF D ML Lilac BlackBerry Removed 4th [46]
CJF D ML Lilac Trails Removed 5th [23]
CJF D ML Levels Up Removed 6th
CJF D ML Baltic Blues Removed 7th
CJF D ML Chocolate Tips Removed 8th
Klassik GR Bright Polish 49.61 Klassik 9th
Klassik GR Gold Tips 49.43 Klassik 10th
Klassik GR Trimrina 48.77 Removed DNP
Klassik GR Dorina 48.34 Removed DNP
klassik GR Bright Rose 48.34 Removed DNP
Klassik GR Tortie Tiara 48.04 Removed DNP
Klassik GR Waterfall 47.80 Removed DNP
Klassik Red Angel 47.62 Klassik DNP
Klassik Blue Puzzle 47.61 Removed DNP
Klassik GR Tortie Tina 47.55 Removed DNP
Klassik GR All Red 47.04 Klassik DNP
Klassik Red Salome 46.47 Klassik DNP
Klassik Blue N Gold 45.98 Removed DNP
Klassik Tipsy 45.69 Removed DNP
Klassik Tippablu 45.51 Removed DNP

Best in Show

Owner: Silver Bunnies
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Blue Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Name: SBST Bk Ot 63.52
Owner: Silver Bunnies
Breed/Color/Variety: Satin/Black Otter/Otter
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. Klassik - 13,602
  2. Glenrock Farms - 2,808
  3. Lunatic - 2,010
  4. Rabbit Rabbit - 1,716
  5. Hop A Long - 1,544
  6. CJF Rabbits - 1,390
  7. Hilltop Rabbitry - 1,272
  8. Ruby Bloom Rabbitry - 1,154
  9. Bishops Bunnies - 1,128
  10. JustLooking - 960