July 2014 Wisconsin Fair Flemish Giant Results

Name Owner Placing
Black Junior Bucks & Does
Hollis5291 Gideon Removed 1st [24]
NEPPEL FG Black Buck 1 Removed 2nd [16]
Coves Napoleon Removed 3rd [12]
Hollis5290 Cleopatra Removed 4th [8]
Black Senior Bucks
Fawnspark 10492 Removed Best of Breed [50] [L]
Hollis2655 Ramsey Removed 2nd [20]
Fawnspark 12695 Removed 3rd [15]
Fawnspark 13755BB Removed 4th [10]
NEPPEL FG Black 3 Removed 5th [5]
Black Senior Does
Fawnspark 10744 Removed 1st [30] [L]
Hollis2656 Giovanna Removed 2nd [20]
Coves Millie Removed 3rd [15]
NEPPEL FG Black Doe 1 Removed 4th [10]
Delightful Dee Removed 5th [5]
Blue Junior Bucks & Does
NEPPEL FG Blue 7 B5B6 G1 Removed 1st [18]
NEPPEL FG Blue 8 B5B6 G1 Removed 2nd [12]
NEPPEL FG Blue 9 B5B6 G1 Removed 3rd [9]
Blue Senior Bucks
NEPPEL FG Blue 5 Charger delfiend423 1st [12]
Fawnspark 1305BBe delfiend423 2nd [8]
Blue Senior Does
Fawnspark 13037DBe Removed Best of Opposite Sex [28] [L]
NEPPEL FG Blue 6 Blue Belle Removed 2nd [12]
Hollis2653 Pascale Removed 3rd [9]
Fawn Senior Bucks
Fawnspark 13758BF Removed 1st [12]
Fawnspark 10789 Removed 2nd [8]
Fawn Senior Does
Fawnspark 12688 Removed 1st [42] [L]
Fawnspark 10752 Removed 2nd [28]
NEPPEL FG FAWN 1 Autumn Removed 3rd [21]
Coves Poppy Removed 4th [14]
Fawnspark 10493 Removed 5th [7]
Fawnspark 13036DF Removed 6th
CORFU FG Fawn Doe One Removed 7th
White Senior Bucks
Coves Rambo skittles97 1st [12]
NEPPEL FG REW 1 Marsh Mellow Removed 2nd [8]
White Senior Does
Fawnspark 13756DW skittles97 1st [18]
Coves Lexie skittles97 2nd [12]
Fawnspark 13757DW Removed 3rd [9]

Best in Show

Name: LF BBK Wonder 0401
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Checkered Giant/Broken Black/Black

Reserve Best in Show

Name: PRRSAT BlackG2.5B 38.26/56.18
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Satin/Black/Black
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