July 2014 Hawaii Fair Mini Rex Results

Name Owner Placing
BEW Junior Bucks & Does
Imperial G1D Quiet River Removed 1st [24]
Imperial G1D Stormy River Removed 2nd [16]
Imperial G1D Holly River Removed 3rd [12]
Rabbit #21553 Removed 4th [8]
BEW Senior Bucks
PRRMR BEWB1 Removed 1st [18]
PRRMR BEWG1B1 38.66/55.18 Removed 2nd [12]
PRRMR BEWG1B1 38.58/55.30 Removed 3rd [9]
BEW Senior Does
Imperial SD River Removed 1st [12]
PRRMR BEWD1 Removed 2nd [8]
Black Junior Bucks & Does
Cody Rays BlkB 38.94/55.13 Removed 1st [54] [L]
Imperial G1B Thunder Bark Removed 2nd [36]
Cody Rays BlkD 38.85/55.53 Removed 3rd [27]
Cody Rays BlkB 38.77/55.49 Removed 4th [18]
Cody Rays BlkB 38.50/55.45 Removed 5th [9]
PF Darkness Falls Removed 6th
FB Blacky Minirex 7th
FB Black Rose Rockin Ridge 8th
Rabbit #18600 Pine Creek Rabbitry 9th
Black Senior Bucks
PRRMR BlackG2B1 Removed 1st [24]
PRRMR BlackBB1 Removed 2nd [16]
PRRMR BlackG1B1 Removed 3rd [12]
Cody Rays BlkB 38.35/55.42 Removed 4th [8]
Black Senior Does
PRRMR BlackD1 Removed 1st [18]
PRRMR BlackG3D 38.71/55.23 Removed 2nd [12]
PRRMR BlackG2D 38.33/54.47 Removed 3rd [9]
Blue Junior Bucks & Does
CN Blue Moon Removed 1st [42] [L]
Imperial G1B Thunder Blast Removed 2nd [28]
Cody Rays BlueB 55.56/38.73 Removed 3rd [21]
PRRMR BlueG1D 38.70/55.20 Removed 4th [14]
PRRMR BlueG1B 38.60/55.06 Removed 5th [7]
PRRMR BlueG1B 38.59/55.08 Removed 6th
PF Blue Heaven Removed 7th
Blue Senior Bucks
PRRMR BlueB2 Removed 1st [18]
PRRMR BlueG1B 38.11/55.19 Removed 2nd [12]
PRRMR BlueB1 Removed 3rd [9]
Blue Senior Does
PRRMR BlueG1D 38.08/55.04 Removed 1st [12]
Imperial SD Lake Removed 2nd [8]
Broken Junior Bucks & Does
Cody Rays BknChstD 39.40/55.52 Removed Best of Breed [170] [L]
Cody Rays BknBlueB 39.06/55.29 Removed 2nd [100]
CN Chester Removed 3rd [75]
CN Salt N Peppa Removed 4th [50]
Imperial G1D Rapid Wind Removed 5th [25]
CN Safari Removed 6th
CN Mufasa Removed 7th
CN Gone Wild Removed 8th
Imperial G1D Opalescent Lake Removed 9th
CN Ray Removed 10th
CN Wild Kat Removed DNP
PRRMR BRKBlueG1D 38.70/55.38 Removed DNP
CN Booker Removed DNP
Rabbit #20670 Removed DNP
PRRMR BRKBlueG1B 38.64/55.05 Removed DNP
CN Jessie Removed DNP
CN Code Bleu Removed DNP
Imperial G1D Swift Lake Removed DNP
Rabbit #15106 Removed DNP
Rabbit #19855 Removed DNP
Rabbit #18253 Removed DNP
Rabbit #14294 Removed DNP
PF Chaz Removed DNP
KASDELS MR Broken Lilac B1 Removed DNP
Rabbit #18597 Pine Creek Rabbitry DNP
Broken Senior Bucks
Imperial SB Thunder Removed 1st [114] [L]
Cody Rays BknLynxB 39.12/55.42 Removed 2nd [76]
CN Peppa Spray Removed 3rd [57]
CN Hot Peppa Removed 4th [38]
CN Busta Removed 5th [19]
CN Simba Removed 6th
Cody Rays BknLilcB 38.86/55.52 Removed 7th
Cody Rays BOpalB Removed 8th
PRRMR BRKOpalG2B 38.73/55.23 Removed 9th
Rabbit #19626 Rockin Ridge 10th
PRRMR BrkLilacB1 Removed DNP
Cody Rays BKNChestB Removed DNP
Cody Rays 1st Place Removed DNP
Diggity Bender Removed DNP
Rum Rivers Bolt Removed DNP
Rabbit #16454 Pine Creek Rabbitry DNP
Rum Rivers Trouble Removed DNP
Broken Senior Does
CN Annie Removed 1st [90] [L]
PRRMR BRKChinG1D1 38.64/55.4 Removed 2nd [60]
PRRMR BRKChinchillaG1D1 Removed 3rd [45]
Cody Rays BknSealD 38.59/55.51 Removed 4th [30]
Cody Rays BknHimiD Removed 5th [15]
CN Little Seal Removed 6th
Imperial Falling Sky Removed 7th
ERR Merlot Removed 8th
CN Cassie Removed 9th
Jersey Removed 10th
Cody Rays BknBlkTortD Minirex DNP
CN Sable Removed DNP
Rabbit #16653 Removed DNP
Cody Rays BTortD Removed DNP
Castor Junior Bucks & Does
ImperialG1B Thunder Crash Removed 1st [66]
CN Diva Removed 2nd [44]
CN Ginger Removed 3rd [33]
Rabbit #18202 Removed 4th [22]
CN Blk Peppa Removed 5th [11]
CN Opalina Removed 6th
CN Sealed Lips Removed 7th
Rabbit #16945 Removed 8th
Rabbit #19270 Removed 9th
Rabbit #16099 Removed 10th
Rabbit #19507 Removed DNP
Castor Senior Bucks
Cody Rays Mr. Castor Removed 1st [12]
Cody Rays CastorB 38.76/55.55 Removed 2nd [8]
Castor Senior Does
PRRMR ChestG3D 38.65/55.43 Removed 1st [12]
Rum Rivers Brown Sugar Removed 2nd [8]
Chinchilla Junior Bucks & Does
CN Frosted Removed 1st [18]
CN Ray Jay Removed 2nd [12]
Rabbit #16946 Removed 3rd [9]
Chinchilla Senior Bucks
Cody Rays ChinB 38.83/55.13 Removed 1st [12]
Cody Rays ChinB 38.60/55.34 Removed 2nd [8]
Chinchilla Senior Does
Cody Rays Alias Removed 1st [24]
Cody Rays ChinD 38.74/55.21 Removed 2nd [16]
PRRMR ChinchillaG2D1 Removed 3rd [12]
PRRMR ChinchillaD1 Removed 4th [8]
Chocolate Junior Bucks & Does
Cody Rays ChocD 38.12/55.21 Removed 1st [12]
Rabbit #21114 Removed 2nd [8]
Chocolate Senior Does
PF More Like It Removed 1st [6]
Himalayan Junior Bucks & Does
Cody Rays HimiB 38.87/55.68 Removed 1st [18]
Cody Rays HimiD 38.84/55.51 Removed 2nd [12]
Rabbit #20678 Removed 3rd [9]
Himalayan Senior Bucks
Cody Rays HimiB 39.27/55.30 Removed 1st [36] [L]
AMR Bisquick Removed 2nd [24]
Cody Rays HimiB 38.84/55.70 Removed 3rd [18]
PRRMR HimiG3B 38.64/55.27 Removed 4th [12]
PRRMR HimiG1B1 Removed 5th [6]
PRRMR BlueHimiG1B2 S Removed 6th
Himalayan Senior Does
Cody Rays HimiD 38.97/55.31 Removed 1st [12]
Imperial SD Wind Removed 2nd [8]
Lilac Senior Does
Cody Rays LilacD Removed 1st [12]
Lynx Junior Bucks & Does
CN Cougar Removed 1st [24]
CN Danala Removed 2nd [16]
Cody Rays LynxD 38.67/55.18 Minirex 3rd [12]
Cody Rays LynxB 38.62/55.49 Removed 4th [8]
Lynx Senior Bucks
Cody Rays LynxB Minirex 1st [6]
Lynx Senior Does
SFG1 LynxD2 55.5 Seminole Farms 1st [12]
Cody Rays LynxD 38.63/55.30 Removed 2nd [8]
Opal Junior Bucks & Does
CN Silver Wood Removed 1st [30]
CN Funfettie Removed 2nd [20]
CN Slate Removed 3rd [15]
CN Blue Ray Removed 4th [10]
PF Birthstone Removed 5th [5]
Opal Senior Bucks
CN Opie Removed 1st [6]
Opal Senior Does
CN Busted Opal Removed 1st [12]
Otter Junior Bucks & Does
Imperial G1B Thunder Shock Removed Best of Opposite Sex [136] [L]
Imperial G1B Thunder Sound Removed 2nd [84]
Imperial G1D Brown Pebble Removed 3rd [63]
Imperial G1D Smooth Pebble Removed 4th [42]
PRRMR BlackOttG1D 38.86/55.10 Removed 5th [21]
PRRMR BlackOttG1D 38.85/55.21 Removed 6th
PRRMR BlackOttG1B 38.83/55.21 Removed 7th
PRRMR BlackOttG1D 38.83/55.25 Removed 8th
PRRMR BlackOttG1B 38.69/55.00 Removed 9th
CN Smurf Removed 10th
Cody Rays BlkOtrB 38.57/55.50 Removed DNP
Cody Rays BlueOtrD 38.44/55.44 Removed DNP
Rabbit #19508 Removed DNP
Rabbit #12448 Removed DNP
Rabbit #21549 Removed DNP
CN Jewels Removed DNP
Rabbit #20673 Removed DNP
Cody Rays ChocOtterD2 Minirex DNP
CN Haunted Removed DNP
FB Otter Buck Removed DNP
FB Otter Doe Rockin Ridge DNP
Otter Senior Bucks
KASDELS G1 Lilac Otter B1 KASDEL 1st [48] [L]
CN Busta Chip Removed 2nd [32]
PRRMR LilacOttB1 Removed 3rd [24]
PRRMR BlackOttB1 Removed 4th [16]
PRRMR BlueOttG1B1 Removed 5th [8]
PRRMR BlackOttG1B3 S Removed 6th
Cody Rays Mr. Starter Removed 7th
Cody Rays BlueOtrB 38.41/55.55 Removed 8th
Otter Senior Does
Imperial Little Pebble Removed 1st [96] [L]
Imperial G1D Black Sky Removed 2nd [64]
KASDELS G1 Lilac Otter D1 KASDEL 3rd [48]
CN Chip Removed 5th [16]
Rabbit #19627 Rockin Ridge 6th
FB Pretty Girl Minirex 7th
CN Dark Chip Removed 8th
PRRMR LilacOttG2D 38.26/54.55 looshyboo 9th
Bessie Removed 10th
PRRMR BlueOttD1 Removed DNP
PRRMR BluOttG1D 37.82/54.97 Removed DNP
PRRMR BlackOttD1 looshyboo DNP
FB Ariel Rockin Ridge DNP
Red Junior Bucks & Does
PF Seeing Red Removed 1st [18]
Cody Rays RedD 38.06/55.19 Removed 2nd [12]
Rabbit #20675 Removed 3rd [9]
Red Senior Bucks
Imperial Shining Arrow Removed 1st [6]
Red Senior Does
PRRMR RedG2D 38.11/54.50 Removed 1st [12]
Rabbit #20638 Rockin Ridge 2nd [8]
REW Junior Bucks & Does
Cody Rays REWD 39.17/55.32 Removed 1st [24]
Cody Rays REWD 55.51/39.02 Removed 2nd [16]
Cody Rays REWD 38.98/55.31 Removed 3rd [12]
Cody Rays REWB 38.73/55.26 Removed 4th [8]
REW Senior Bucks
Cody Rays REWB 38.44/55.32 Removed 1st [24]
PRRMR REWG1B1 38.35/55.23 Removed 2nd [16]
CN White Lightning Removed 3rd [12]
Andrew Removed 4th [8]
REW Senior Does
Cody Rays REWD 38.81/55.11 Removed 1st [36] [L]
PF Kidding Right Removed 2nd [24]
CN Gem Removed 5th [6]
CN Dazzling Ruby Removed 6th
Sable Point Junior Bucks & Does
Ewok Removed 1st [6]
Sable Point Senior Bucks
Simon looshyboo 1st [6]
Sable Point Senior Does
CN Smoke Removed 1st [6]
Seal Junior Bucks & Does
Cody Rays SealB 38.97/55.32 Removed 1st [6]
Seal Senior Bucks
FB Midnight Minirex 1st [6]
Seal Senior Does
Rabbit #16455 Pine Creek Rabbitry 1st [6]
Tortoise Junior Bucks & Does
Rabbit #20667 Removed 1st [12]
Rabbit #20664 Removed 2nd [8]
Tortoise Senior Does
Cody Rays BlkTortD 38.94/55.35 Removed 1st [12]
Cody Rays BknTortD 38.89/55.47 Removed 2nd [8]

Best in Show

Name: Moonboy
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Chocolate Magpie/Magpie

Reserve Best in Show

Name: LF BBK Wonder 0401
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Checkered Giant/Broken Black/Black
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