January 2018 Illinois Fair Silver Fox Results

Name Owner Placing
Silver Fox Intermediate Bucks
EH Silver Lining SSteves Rabbits Best of Opposite Sex [28] [L]
Rabbit #1052141 Removed 2nd [12]
Rabbit #1050561 Eagle Heights 3rd [9]
Silver Fox Intermediate Does
Rabbit #1052132 Eagle Heights Reserve Best in Show [75] [L]
Rabbit #1052135 Removed 2nd [20]
Rabbit #1052133 Eagle Heights 3rd [15]
Rabbit #1050591 Removed 4th [10]
Rabbit #1050584 Removed 5th [5]
Silver Fox Junior Bucks
EH Light on the Horizon Removed 1st [54] [L]
SS FrostyBodyColorCond 111.47 WDRich369 2nd [36]
Rabbit #1055137 Eagle Heights 3rd [27]
Rabbit #1054784 Eagle Heights 4th [18]
Rabbit #1052758 Removed 5th [9]
HAL Cloudy Smith 107.84 Removed 6th
Rabbit #1054719 Removed 7th
Rabbit #1054717 Removed 8th
Rabbit #1054724 Removed 9th
Silver Fox Junior Does
Rabbit #1052926 Eagle Heights 1st [48]
EH Silent Sky Removed 2nd [32]
Rabbit #1054687 Removed 3rd [24]
Rabbit #1054697 Removed 4th [16]
Rabbit #1054689 Removed 5th [8]
RBR*s SF D-808 Removed 6th
Rabbit #1054793 Eagle Heights 7th
Rabbit #1055955 Removed 8th
Silver Fox Senior Bucks
EH Night Haze Removed 1st [72] [L]
EH Weaver of Words Removed 2nd [48]
EH Liesmith Removed 3rd [36]
EH Nightsong Removed 4th [24]
EH Snowy Owl Removed 5th [12]
EH Sky Tamer Removed 6th
HAL Casper 105.57 Removed 7th
Rabbit #1050045 Eagle Heights 8th
EH Ragnarok Removed 9th
Rabbit #1049286 Removed 10th
HAL Mr Rob Removed DNP
SS BewilderedRaven 107.27 SSteves Rabbits DNP
Silver Fox Senior Does
EH Tapestry Removed 1st [84] [L]
EH Lullaby Removed 2nd [56]
EH Lament Removed 3rd [42]
EH Early Storm Removed 4th [28]
EH Silver Melody Removed 5th [14]
EH Silver Thread SSteves Rabbits 6th
EH Wind Weaver Removed 7th
HAL Sunflower 106.29 Removed 8th
EH Moonlit Melody SSteves Rabbits 9th
EH Silver Stream SSteves Rabbits 10th
Rabbit #1049205 Eagle Heights DNP
EH Star Song Removed DNP
Rabbit #1049129 Eagle Heights DNP
SS SF D-Nionia Removed DNP

Best in Show

Name: 169.35D H3B JMd 317.3
Owner: Bam Rabbits
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Owner: Eagle Heights
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
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