August 2014 Indiana Fair Rhinelander Results

Name Owner Placing
Junior Bucks
ASR Chocolicious Removed Best of Opposite Sex [124] [L]
ASR Blue Steel savannahdestiny 2nd [76]
GIRR Darius Removed 3rd [57]
SIN Nathanial Removed 4th [38]
SIN Comfort Removed 5th [19]
GIRR Cloud Removed 6th
SIN Corvinus Removed 7th
ASR Oscar Removed 8th
GIRR Morthe Removed 9th
Rabbit #50569 Removed 10th
Rabbit #50566 Removed DNP
GIRR Austin Removed DNP
GIRR Marty Removed DNP
Rabbit #50565 Removed DNP
Rabbit #50564 Removed DNP
GIRR Ramsy Removed DNP
GIRR Moreo Removed DNP
GIRR Toby Removed DNP
Rabbit #42949 Removed DNP
Junior Does
GIRR Desiree Removed Best of Breed [92] [L]
GIRR Sylysa Removed 2nd [48]
SIN Kinky Boots Removed 3rd [36]
SIN Mousketeer Removed 4th [24]
SIN Divinity Removed 5th [12]
GIRR Rosetta Removed 6th
SIN Gretchen Removed 7th
Rabbit #50571 Removed 8th
SIN Miss Tickles Removed 9th
GIR Paula Removed 10th
Rabbit #52858 Removed DNP
Rabbit #48576 Removed DNP
Senior Bucks
Skyline R55.27/37.89 Joe Removed 1st [30] [L]
ASR Martin Removed 2nd [20]
SIN Unbreak Me Removed 3rd [15]
ASR Samuel Removed 4th [10]
silver chance Removed 5th [5]
Senior Does
Skyline R55.35/38.25 Horace Removed 1st [72] [L]
GIR Tiara Removed 2nd [48]
ASR Delilah Removed 3rd [36]
Skyline R55.02/38.05 Horje Removed 4th [24]
DivasRH 37.98U 32511D Divas 5th [12]
Divas RH 37.81U 16992D Divinity 6th
Divas RH 37.81U SourceD 55.1C Divas 7th
Skyline R55.29/37.75 Hannah Removed 8th
Skyline R54.65/37.72 Freya Removed 9th
Divas RH 37.70U 15769D Divas 10th
Skyline R55.09/37.52 Rhine Removed DNP
ASR Deborah Removed DNP

Best in Show

Name: LF CG D Wonderlust 05
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Checkered Giant/Broken Black/Black

Reserve Best in Show

Name: Skyline ES39.46 Thats Epic
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: English Spot/Broken Grey/Gray
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. TR Rabbits - 5,574
  2. Powder River Rabbitry - 5,347
  3. Sindragosas Phenoms - 3,191
  4. Skyline - 3,123
  5. Luckey Foot - 1,972
  6. Skyline Acres - 1,803
  7. Cloud Nine - 1,450
  8. Hiphop - 1,380
  9. Cody Rays Mini Rex - 1,301
  10. NuTwist Bunnies - 1,208