August 2014 Indiana Fair Florida White Results

Name Owner Placing
Florida White Junior Bucks
TR41112 FWB Removed Best of Breed [80]
TR45787 FWB Removed 2nd [40]
TR41115 FWB Removed 3rd [30]
TR52586 FWB Removed 4th [20]
TR39026 FWB Removed 5th [10]
TR43313 FWB Removed 6th
TR37339 FWB Removed 7th
TR37362 FWB Removed 8th
TR35775 FWB Removed 9th
TR35773 FWB Removed 10th
Florida White Junior Does
TR47261 FWD Removed Best of Opposite Sex [106]
TR51071 FWD Removed 2nd [64]
TR39028 FWD Removed 3rd [48]
TR45780 FWD Removed 4th [32]
TR35776 FWD Removed 5th [16]
TR43321 FWD Removed 6th
TR43315 FWD Removed 7th
TR45797 FWD Removed 8th
TR52281 FWD Removed 9th
TR39027 FWD Removed 10th
TR50333 FWD Removed DNP
TR37345 FWD Removed DNP
TR37341 FWD Removed DNP
TR37342 FWD Removed DNP
TR37337 FWD Removed DNP
TR35774 FWD Removed DNP
Florida White Senior Bucks
TR26086 FWB Removed 1st [6]
Florida White Senior Does
TR27376 FWD Removed 1st [54]
PRRFW REWG1D3 Removed 2nd [36]
TR24382 FWD Removed 3rd [27]
TR27377 FWD Removed 4th [18]
TR33696 FWD Removed 5th [9]
TR27381 FWD Removed 6th
TR23586 FWD Removed 7th
TR29462 FWD Removed 8th
TR21769 FWD Removed 9th

Best in Show

Name: LF CG D Wonderlust 05
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Checkered Giant/Broken Black/Black

Reserve Best in Show

Name: Skyline ES39.46 Thats Epic
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: English Spot/Broken Grey/Gray
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. TR Rabbits - 5,574
  2. Powder River Rabbitry - 5,347
  3. Sindragosas Phenoms - 3,191
  4. Skyline - 3,123
  5. Luckey Foot - 1,972
  6. Skyline Acres - 1,803
  7. Cloud Nine - 1,450
  8. Hiphop - 1,380
  9. Cody Rays Mini Rex - 1,301
  10. NuTwist Bunnies - 1,208