April 2017 Oklahoma Fair Rex Results

Name Owner Placing
Klassik Cinnamissy 48.96 Removed 1st [30]
Klassik No Cinns 48.42 Removed 2nd [20]
Klassik All Spice 48.22 Removed 3rd [15]
Klassik Polished Amber 48.19 Removed 4th [10]
Klassik Cinderella 48.05 Removed 5th [5]
Amber Senior Does
Klassik Wilderena 52.57 Klassik 1st [6]
64.42B H3B Black 101d/114/57i Removed 1st [156]
63.93D H3B Black 98b/115a/57d Removed 2nd [104]
63.25B H3B Black 103/107i/59i Removed 3rd [78]
63.10D H3B Black 94c/115b/58c Removed 4th [52]
62.79d H3B Black 88g/119/57i Removed 5th [26]
62.09B H3B Yurx 91f/114/57c Removed 6th
61.98B H3B Black 90b/114d/58h Removed 7th
61.90d H3B Icid 89h/114h/57e Removed 8th
61.68D H3B Black 100/105/57i Removed 9th
61.67D H3B Black 100g/104c/58 Removed 10th
61.53b H3B Black 87i/114h/58f Removed DNP
61.46D H3B Oeba 91b/112/57c Removed DNP
61.41B H3B Black 90g/112b/57e Removed DNP
61.32D H3B Black 100d/103b/58b Removed DNP
61.15B H3B Black 89f/112/58c Removed DNP
61.05B H3B Black 88b/112h/58d Removed DNP
60.87B H3B Black 99e/102b/58e Removed DNP
60.71b H3B Iadro 100b/101/58e Removed DNP
60.11B H3B Black 92/104i/62f Removed DNP
58.75d H3B Bege 95f/98/57c Removed DNP
56.29d H3B Indara 92a/91h Removed DNP
Klassik Gotham 53.86 Klassik DNP
Klassik Black Jaffa 53.55 Klassik DNP
Klassik Spaacewalk 53.51 Klassik DNP
Klassik Hanovera 53.27 Klassik DNP
Klassik All Soot 53.12 Removed DNP
Black Senior Bucks
67.00B H3B B8E 104/121b/58g Removed Best of Breed [56] [L]
64.72b H3B Blkllb 103/113e/58h Removed 2nd [24]
63.60B H3B Blk7 90/120g/57i Removed 3rd [18]
62.98B H3B BLKDD 101i/108b/58 Removed 4th [12]
60.29B H3B Y7 93g/103g/64a Removed 5th [6]
59.43B H3B BlkY 101c/95d/57i Removed 6th
Black Senior Does
65.87D H3B Z8 89g/129d/59a Removed Best of Opposite Sex [58] [L]
64.18d H3B Blklb2 102h/111g/58 Removed 2nd [32]
64.03d H3B X3 92b/120c/58i Removed 3rd [24]
63.32D H3B Blk8 101d/109g/58 Removed 4th [16]
63.15d H3B Blkld 98/111/59 Removed 5th [8]
62.73d H3B Blkll 101f/107b/59 Removed 6th
61.89D H3B CZ5 92h/110g/63b Removed 7th
60.69d H3B XC1 94/105/63h Removed 8th
59.75D H3B Blue 95f/100e/62b Removed 1st [60]
57.80B H3B BD6 86c/102e/57d Removed 2nd [40]
56.09B H3B BB3 83b/97i/61 Removed 3rd [30]
Klassik Cambridge Blue 53.98 Klassik 4th [20]
Klassik Blue Adder 53.84 Klassik 5th [10]
Klassik Blue Blip 45.68 Removed 6th
Klassik Redemption 44.40 Removed 7th
Klassik Redeemed 44.04 Removed 8th
Klassik Petralengo 44.02 Removed 9th
Klasssik Petronella 43.79 Removed 10th
Blue Senior Bucks
62.05B H3B Blubb 102b/104d/58 Removed 1st [6]
55.77D H3B Halunda 84d/96d/58 Removed 1st [42]
Klassik Black Adder 53.61 Klassik 2nd [28]
Klassik Kollectable 53.44 Klassik 3rd [21]
Klassik Cardiff 53.16 Klassik 4th [14]
Klassik Chestlina 53.11 Klassik 5th [7]
Klassik Blak Bitz 48.76 Removed 6th
Klassik Lynx Bitz 44.54 Removed 7th
Broken Senior Bucks
64.10b H3B XBrBl3 91/121/58 Removed 1st [42] [L]
62.97b H3B BrBlu4 88d/119i/58 Removed 2nd [28]
Klassik Black Shado 54.36 Klassik 3rd [21]
Rabbit #849225 Removed 4th [14]
Klassik Justin Opal 47.83 Removed 5th [7]
Rabbit #849229 Removed 6th
Tomb Raider Leon Croft Tomb Raider 7th
Broken Senior Does
Klassik Black Pearl 55.47 Removed 1st [6]
65.20B H3B Himi 93g/123f/58c Removed 1st [30]
Klassik Henry 52.41 Klassik 2nd [20]
Klassik Zoomer 52.10 Klassik 3rd [15]
Klassik Himalena 51.04 Diggity 4th [10]
Klassik Himi Henry 50.14 Klassik 5th [5]
Californian Senior Bucks
Klassik Himi Hamish 52.73 Klassik 1st [12]
Klassik Himi Harley 49.70 Removed 2nd [8]
Californian Senior Does
64.05D H3B Calio 97/116/58 Removed 1st [24]
Klassik Himi Harriet 52.61 Klassik 2nd [16]
Klassik Himirelka 51.94 Klassik 3rd [12]
Klassik Himi Henrietta 51.82 Klassik 4th [8]
63.90D H3B Castor 94h/117i/57g Removed 1st [60]
63.71d H3B Cstr 95e/116f/57e Removed 2nd [40]
59.84B H3B Tefor 87c/109c/57c Removed 3rd [30]
59.61D H3B Cstr 97g/99a/58c Removed 4th [20]
59.30b H3B Tibeh 87f/105i/61i Removed 5th [10]
Klassik Moonwalk 53.51 Klassik 6th
Klassik Konstellation 53.48 Klassik 7th
klassik Castorella 48.49 Removed 8th
Klassik Castonets 48.36 Removed 9th
Klassik Castigation 48.30 Removed 10th
Klassik Chula 48.36 Removed 1st [6]
60.45D H3B Leif 88a/110i/57c Removed 1st [30]
Klassik Marathon 44.57 Removed 2nd [20]
Klassik Choco Cornetto 44.32 Removed 3rd [15]
Klassik Wild Chocolate 44.20 Removed 4th [10]
Klassik Choc Silk 43.29 Removed 5th [5]
Klassik Lilac Blue 45.42 Removed 1st [18]
Klassik Lilac Lemara 45.05 Removed 2nd [12]
Klassik Lilac Lovebug 44.53 Removed 3rd [9]
Klassik Lynxerina 49.15 Removed 1st [42]
Klassik Bodybuilder 48.80 Removed 2nd [28]
Klassik Lynx Linnara 48.20 Removed 3rd [21]
Klassik Lynxellara 47.32 Removed 4th [14]
Klassik Classy Clancy 47.23 Removed 5th [7]
Klassik Lynx Man 44.33 Removed 6th
Klassik Rope Tricks 43.19 Removed 7th
Lynx Senior Bucks
HAL Brave Amos 47.89 Removed 1st [12]
Rabbit #849227 Removed 2nd [8]
Klassik Opaltarlin53.78 Klassik 1st [24]
Klassik Opalera 52.66 Klassik 2nd [16]
Klassik Opal Ollie 48.25 Removed 3rd [12]
Klassik Opallinora 47.17 Removed 4th [8]
Opal Senior Does
64.14d H3B Opalbl 98/115/57 Removed 1st [6]
57.31B H3B Crüe 89c/97f/58i Removed 1st [36]
Klassik Olivia 51.03 Klassik 2nd [24]
Klassik Chocs Choix 48.15 Removed 3rd [18]
Klassik Surprize 47.44 Removed 4th [12]
Klassik Well I Never 47.40 Removed 5th [6]
Klassik River Songs 43.57 Removed 6th
Otter Senior Bucks
Crystal Box Amor Crystal Box 1st [6]
Otter Senior Does
Klassik Otterella 47.94 Removed 1st [12]
Tomb Raider Lea Croft Tomb Raider 2nd [8]
65.44D H3B Sable 92h/125b/58e Removed 1st [42]
64.08Dd H3B 007 91c/121c/59 Removed 2nd [28]
61.81D H3B Sable 88b/115f/58f Removed 3rd [21]
Klassik Sableina 50.20 Klassik 4th [14]
Klassik Sablemann 49.66 Removed 5th [7]
Klassik Sable Lady 49.63 Removed 6th
Klassik Sable Symon 49.01 Removed 7th
Sable Senior Bucks
66.0b H3B SBLb 100d/120f/58 Removed 1st [12]
65.02B H3B SBL2 104c/113d/59 Removed 2nd [8]
Sable Senior Does
65.0d H3B SBLbd 98/119/58 Removed 1st [24]
63.13d H3B SBLbd2 101f/108a/61 Removed 2nd [16]
Klassik Sabella 53.87 Klassik 3rd [12]
Klassik Sable Salli 49.46 Removed 4th [8]
Seal Senior Does
65.07D H3B Seal4 95h/121c/58 Removed 1st [6]

Best in Show

Name: Diggity HLQN 116.97
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Name: EH Ice Blue
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. Klassik - 21,038
  2. Kocher - 8,609
  3. Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies - 2,748
  4. Diggity - 2,251
  5. JustLooking - 1,801
  6. Hop A Long - 905
  7. Eagle Heights - 801
  8. BarNone - 649
  9. Hilltop Rabbitry - 620
  10. JustLops - 606