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43.17D H3B Lobo 72b/57i/60e

Color: Lilac
Ar-Ar / Br-Br / Cd-Cd / Dr-Dr / Ed-Ed
Er-Er / Dd-Dd / Vd-Vd / Wd-Wd / Sd-Sd
Owner: Removed
Born: 5/19/2017
Breed: Lilac
Sex: Doe
Variety: Lilac
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Last Update:
Removed by Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies

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Show Date Placing Leg Points
June 2017 Nebraska Fair 6/13/2017 7th 0

Aggregate Traits

General User SOP
57.33 43.17

Individual Quality Traits

Body Head Ears Eyes Feet Legs Tail Fur Dens Text Len Sheen Color Tick Con
72.2 55.4 54.9 56.2 55.5 56.8 55.2 57.9 56.1 55.6 55.8 56.7 60.5 55.7 55.5
70th 39th 34th 94th 71st 91st 38th 66th 54th 67th 65th 87th 73rd 93rd 35th
Pedigree of 43.17D H3B Lobo 72b/57i/60e
IBC: 0.00%
CC Lilac 4100B Xander
color: Lilac
CC Lilac 4124B Austin
color: Lilac
CC Lilac 4158D Whitney
color: Lilac
GC 55.42b H3B Himme 77a/57i/61a
Grand Champion | color: Lilac
GC Diggity LC 42.97 72.0B
Grand Champion | color: Lilac
CC Lilac 4364D Betsy
color: Lilac
GC Dignity LC 44.17
Grand Champion | color: Lilac
Generation 35
GC Diggity Skinny Dip
Grand Champion | color: Lilac
GC Diggity Dipher
Grand Champion | color: Lilac
Diggity Down and Out
color: Lilac
43.57D H3B DGTY2 73g/57h/60h
color: Lilac
Rabbit #816080
color: Lilac Himalayan
Rabbit #835122
color: Lilac
GC Diggity LC 42.58 62.9C
Grand Champion | color: Lilac

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