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Rabbit #833115

Color: Broken Chocolate
Ar-Ar / Br-Br / Cd-Cd / Dd-Dr / Ed-Ed
Ed-Er / Dd-Dr / Vd-Vd / Wd-Wr / Sd-Sd
Owner: Millbrook
Born: 12/4/2016
Breed: English Spot
Sex: Doe
Variety: Chocolate
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Aggregate Traits

General User SOP
63.08 62.07

Individual Quality Traits

Body Head Ears Eyes Feet Legs Tail Fur Dens Text Len Sheen Color Tick Con
95.2 58.1 54.7 55.3 55.4 54.8 54.5 77.1 54.8 55.7 55.5 54.9 101.0 57.1 62.1
70th 57th 55th 72nd 50th 89th 68th 100th 56th 80th 89th 59th 81st 99th 100th
Pedigree of Rabbit #833115
IBC: 0.00%
Millbrooks Almighty Lilac
color: Broken Lilac
CC 5402 ES NR Jason
color: Charlie Chocolate
CC 5040 ES NR Diana
color: Charlie Chocolate
CC 5380 ES NR Marlow
color: Charlie Blue
CC 5329 ES Black Cooper
color: Broken Black
CC 5285 ES Brk Blue Quinta
color: Broken Blue
CC 5277 ES NR Blythe
color: Lilac
Generation 39
Millbrooks Seaside Service
color: Broken Chocolate
Millbrooks Seaside Hotel
color: Chocolate
Millbrooks Luck of the Sea
color: Lilac
Rabbit #825990
color: Chocolate
Millbrooks Lucky Service
color: Chocolate
Rabbit #815918
color: Chocolate
Millbrooks Nimble Seaside
color: Broken Chocolate