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SBHL Black 41.76

Color: Black
Ar-Ar / Bd-Br / Cd-Cr / Dd-Dr / Ed-Er
Er-Er / Dd-Dd / Vd-Vd / Wd-Wd / Sd-Sd
Owner: Silver Bunnies
Born: 2/25/2016
Breed: Holland Lop
Sex: Doe
Variety: Solid
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Aggregate Traits

General User SOP
57.14 41.76

Individual Quality Traits

Body Head Ears Eyes Feet Legs Tail Fur Dens Text Len Sheen Color Tick Con
67.8 58.0 56.9 56.3 55.6 56.8 55.3 57.8 55.2 55.8 57.0 55.7 56.9 56.1 56.0
54th 59th 97th 66th 19th 92nd 47th 96th 51st 37th 99th 51st 33rd 94th 37th
Pedigree of SBHL Black 41.76
IBC: 0.00%
Klassik Hrllo Mr Chips 42.06
color: Black
RC Pistol 42.00
color: Black Tortoiseshell
CJF D Crazy Coffee
color: Blue
HAL Aim Fire 42.44
color: Black Tortoiseshell
HAL Drake 41.61
color: Black Tortoiseshell
HAL Lots Of Hope 41.82
color: Blue Tortoiseshell
CJF D Lots of Hops
color: Blue Tortoiseshell
Generation 27
GC SIN Super Dog
Grand Champion | color: Ruby-Eyed White
Ragnaroks Hot Dawg
color: Lynx
Ragnaroks Lilac Gem
color: Broken Lilac Otter
SBHL BlkOttr 40.50
color: Black Otter
GC CJF B Hello Charles
Grand Champion | color: Broken Black
RC Indie 42.43
color: Black
JustLops HL Kitkat
color: Chocolate