Lotsa Lops

Lotsa Lops Hollands and LL Polish

Breeding Holland Lops and Polish of elite quality
Striving to create the "perfect" rabbit. Show and brood quality kits available occasionally. New members interested in starting a rabbitry, stop by and inbox me about trios I can put together to help your startup.

All Rabbits

Name Breed Sex Color
43SOP HL Does
Lotsa Lops Imp Bet Doe 43.92 HL D Broken Chocolate
47 SOP HL Does
Rabbit #996749 HL D Chocolate
Rabbit #996750 HL B Black
Lotsa Lops Bet Double 47.12 HL D Chocolate
GC Lotsa Lops Empress 47.92 HL D Broken Black
Lotsa Lops I Could Cry 49.74 HL B Silvered Broken Chocolate
Lotsa Lops Imperial Wan 47.24 HL D Broken Black Tortoiseshell
48SOP HL Bucks
Lotsa Lops Dark Fantasy 48.00 HL B Black
Lotsa Lops Dr Bombay 48.93 HL B Black Tortoiseshell
Lotsa Lops Fantasy Bet 48.27 HL B Broken Black Tortoiseshell
GC Lotsa Lops Final Fantasy 48.18 HL B Broken Black Tortoiseshell
Lotsa Lops OR 48.21 UR HL B Orange
48SOP HL Does
Lotsa Lops Sweet Fantasy48.20 HL D Black Tortoiseshell
Broken HL Bucks
Lotsa Lops Stark 49.53 HL B Charlie Blue
Broken HL Does
Rabbit #1020255 HL B Ruby-Eyed White
Rabbit #1020256 HL D Broken Blue
Lotsa Lops CandyStripe 48.17 HL D Ruby-Eyed White
Lotsa Lops Charlie Imp 49.08 HL D Charlie Black
Lotsa Lops Chew Toy 47.32 HL D Broken Black Tortoiseshell
Lotsa Lops Dark Storm 47.36 HL D Black
Lotsa Lops Lady Sansa 48.96 HL B Broken Blue Tortoiseshell
Lotsa Lops Milky Way 47.78 HL D Black Tortoiseshell
Junior HL Buck Show
GC Lotsa Lops Dk Chocolate 49.50 HL B Chocolate
GC Lotsa Lops Jon Snow 49.46 HL B Ruby-Eyed White
Junior HL Doe Show
Lotsa Lops Bewitched 47.52 HL D Broken Lilac
Lotsa Lops BWitchdnCrazy 47.01 HL D Broken Chocolate
Lotsa Lops BwtchKisses 47.12 HL D Chocolate
GC Lotsa Lops Endora 47.89 HL D Blue Tortoiseshell
GC Lotsa Lops Solo Double 47.34 HL D Chocolate
Lotsa Lops Vader Storm 47.18 HL D Blue
Mini Satin Bucks
GC LL Opal Spider 42.21 MS B Opal
GC LL Opera Winner 42.28 MS B Opal
GC LL Squirrelly Sultan 42.32 MS B Opal
Mini Satin Does
Rabbit #1028636 MS B Blue Self Chinchilla
GC LL Chill Squirrel 42.24 O MS D Opal
LL Chin Chill Uh 42.44 MS D Chinchilla
LL Chin Opera 42.25Chin MS D Chinchilla
LL Course Its UR 43.29blk MS D Black
LL Please Not Squirrel 42.53 MS D Squirrel
LL Squirrel Chilla 42.47Chin MS D Chinchilla
GC LL Sultan Chill 42.25 O MS D Opal
Polish Bucks
LL Ethans Clouds 40.98 PO B Blue [VM]
GC LL Skys the Limit 40.88 PO B Blue
GC LL Striking Darkness 41.40Blck PO B Black
Polish Does
LL Blue Double 41.04 PO D Blue
LL Limited Darkness 41.16B PO B Blue
LL Limited Strike 40.92 PO D Blue
LL Unlimited Roses 40.73 PO D Broken Blue
White Polish Bucks
LL Double Strike 41.03 PO B Ruby-Eyed White
LL Strike Roses 41.13BEW PO B Blue-Eyed White
GC LL Striking Brightness 41.20 PO B Ruby-Eyed White
White Polish Does
LL Bright Lightning 41.14BEW PO D Blue-Eyed White
GC LL Strike the Clouds 41.24 PO D Ruby-Eyed White
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Signed Up: 12/2/2016
Last Active: 11 hours ago
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