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Here at CrimsCreek, you'll find quality rabbits! NT = Non Tortie.

Focusing on Holland Lops, specializing in broken and solid tortie colors.

If you see a rabbit you're interested in, message me. Studs are available for breeding at low prices -2 to 5 coins.

All Rabbits

Name Breed Sex Color
HL Body Tortie Does
CC HL 4473D April HL D Black Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4564D Xeres HL D Broken Black Tortoiseshell
HL Ear Tortie Bucks
CC HL 4294B Galaxy HL B Lilac Tortoiseshell
HL Ear Tortie Does
CC HL 4384D Amy HL D Black Tortoiseshell
HL Head Tortie Bucks
CC HL 4442B Galahad HL B Broken Blue Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4453B Morris HL B Black Tortoiseshell
HL Head Tortie Does
CC HL 4428D Irma HL D Blue Tortoiseshell
coins 42.04 RRJW Victor 57.97 JW B Broken Chocolate
PL Foundation Bucks
CC PL Lynx Buck PL B Lynx
CC PL Lynx Bucky PL B Lynx
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