My Grand Champions

GC CC Blue Magic Wand (44.76) Dutch
GC Lightning Blue (42.67) Dutch
GC CC Blk DT Truffle Mys (44.96) Doe-Dutch
GC CC Chin Venus (42.31) Doe-Dutch
GC CC Choco Sovereign (45.01) Dutch
GC CC Blu Raven Magick (44.57) Doe-Dutch
GC CC Choco Mega Man (45.31) Dutch
GC CC Blk Queenie (45.39) Doe-Dutch
GC CC Choco Dreams (46.09) Dutch
GC CC Blu Lawman (44.98) Dutch
GC CC Choco Xena (43.39) Doe-Dutch
GC CC Blu Zeta (45.12) Doe-Dutch
GC CC Blu Zorro (45.11) Dutch
GC 3679 Gen One Princess Doe-Polish
GC CC 3737 Kiss Kiss Doe-Polish
GC CC Blk Oscar (48.20) Dutch
GC CC 3888 Tori Doe-Polish
GC CC 3916 Lydia Doe-Polish
GC CC 3987 Vulcan-Polish
GC CC Blk Vance (52.76) Dutch
GC CC 4003 Christina-Polish doe
GC CC Blk Ammuit (54.72) Dutch

*Triple Genetics barn could mean the rabbits have blue/brown/tortie, blue/brown/chin or any other combination. Quad Genetics means virtually the same thing only these would carry blue/brown/tortie/chin.

All Rabbits

Name Breed Sex Color
HL Broken Tortie Bucks
CC HL 4476 Jaded Prince HL B Broken Black Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4560B Mega Man HL B Broken Chocolate Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4614B Lightning Strikes HL B Broken Black Tortoiseshell
HL Broken Tortie Does
CC HL 4405 Jaded Princess HL D Broken Chocolate Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4558D Summer Rains HL D Broken Black Tortoiseshell
HL Foundation Bucks
CC HL 4515B BrkBlk Tornado HL B Broken Black
CC HL 4520B Let it Rain HL B Charlie Blue
CC HL 4555B Tornado Twister HL B Black
CC HL 4569B Sunblaster HL B Broken Chocolate
CC HL 4592B Supreme Vision HL B Broken Black
CC HL 4653B Mega Power Surge HL B Lilac
CC HL 4667B Mega Storm HL B Silvered Black
HL Foundation Does
CC HL 4520D Supernova HL D Charlie Chocolate
CC HL 4549D Sunshine HL D Broken Black
CC HL 4565D Thunder Rages On HL D Charlie Black
CC HL 4582D Mega Kisses HL D Silvered Broken Black
CC HL 4593D Hurricane Force HL D Black
CC HL 4633D Stormy Baby HL D Silvered Broken Black
HL Solid Tortie Bucks
CC HL 4459 Jaded Soldier HL B Black Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4590B Mega Sonic Boom HL B Lilac Tortoiseshell
HL Solid Tortie Does
CC HL 4340D Hurricane HL D Black Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4402D Cyclone HL D Blue Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4481D Stormy Dancer HL D Black Tortoiseshell
CC HL 4493D Stormy Weather HL D Black Tortoiseshell
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